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  • Rugged chassis and swing-arm: Weight is important in a youth trial bike. Both the frame and the swing-arm are constructed of aluminium with a hardness heat treatment, achieving a robust bike that does not exceed 24 kg (53 lbs). Another very important feature is the weight distribution, it is designed with an optimized center of gravity for a comfortable ride while providing maximum traction.
  • Programmable digital switchboard: As a result of experience in the evolution of the electronic components in the trial bike, the Minitrial-E has a programmable digital control with 3 power curves. All of them with an initial soft engagement to eliminate the abrupt "on / off" characteristic of electric motors. The first setting, a learning curve for the new rider, the second setting is for wet conditions or for continued learning and the third setting is for the more advanced rider.
  • Adjustable Suspension: The front fork with 25 mm tubes, adjustable compression spring in oil bath with an air shock for the rear suspension.
  • Shimano Hydraulic Brakes: Provide perfect braking, a mark of quality and reliability for the younger rider.
  • Guards: The front brake as well as for the drive chain are enclosed to insure safety.
  • Chain Guide: Essential for off road, this unique chain guide insures a proper guide for the chain to reduce failures



Aluminum tube



Seat Height


Ground Clearance


Footrest Height


Dry Weight

54 lbs


750 Watt/36 volt


3 lead acid batteries 12v each

Run Time/Slow

3 hours

Run Time/Medium

2 hours

Run Time/Fast

1.5 hours

Front Suspension

25mm hydraulic

Rear Suspension

Adjustable air shock

Front Wheel Traves


Rear Wheel Travel



3-speed variable

Front Brake

Hydraulic disc w/160mm rotor

Rear Barke Hydraulic disc w2/160mm rotor
Front/Rear Rim 16"
Warranty 12 month limited warranty




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