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High Performance Brake Pads and Controls


Vesrah Brake Pads
Vesrah Brakes pads

Since 1950 Vesrah has been the leading manufacturer of aftermarket replacement brake parts. The color of the pads tells you what compound you are getting.

  • Black = sintered metal
  • Green = non-grooved Kevlar®
  • Red = grooved Kevlar® - racing

All Vesrah pads have:

    • Superior stopping power without fade
    • Good initial bite with low lever effort
    • Very low bed-in time
    • No warping of back plate
Vesrah brake pads

The SRJL 17 Brake Pad

  • Braking has linear feel
  • The more you pull lever, the more bite you get


The SRJL X pad

  • Same material as the SRJL 17 pads
  • Thicker by 1 mm


Vesrah kevlar pads

The SRJL 8 pads

  • Progressive feel
  • Initial bite but more torque as time increases


The SRJL XX pads

  • Slightly less initial bite than SRJL 17
  • A slight progressive feel
  • More braking power
  • No fading in hard braking
Motion Pro Throttle components
Motion Pro Throttle Assemblies

Motion Pro Push/Pull Throttle Assemblies

Die-cast aluminum housing with black epoxy finish.Use with Mikuni smooth-bore conversions on street and race bikes.

  • Includes push/pull twist throttle and both cables with adjusters.
Motion Pro Turbo Throttle

Motion Pro Turbo Throttle

Polished die-cast aluminum housing. Opens 28-38mm carburetors. Perfect ratio for off-road motorcycles or ATV’s.

  • Comes with cable adjuster and dust boot.
Motion Pro Vortex Throttle

Motion Pro Vortex Throttle

Made from die cast aluminum with a gray finish and gray rubber mud cover. Similar to most OEM late model MX/off road bikes.

Motion Pro CR Throttle

Motion Pro CR Pro Throttle

Made from die cast aluminum with a black epoxy finish Opens 30-38mm carburetors. Throttle cable will clear brake master cylinder on handlebar. Early disk-brake Honda CR replacement.

  • Includes throttle sleeve with grip retaining ring and pop out end.
Magura Throttles, Cables and Clutch systems
Magura 313 Throttle

Magura 313 Throttle twist grip

  • Single cable parallel pull trial throttle.
  • Cable routed over roller for ease of pull.
  • Black reinforced poly carbon housing.
  • Easy no tool, quick cable change, black grip.
Magura 314 Throttle

Magura 314 Throttle twist grip

Motocross throttle twist grip with single cable, parallel pull.

  • DUO-settings (Motocross or Enduro).
  • Cable routed over roller for ease of pull.
  • Black reinforced poly carbon housing, pro-grid rubber grip Quick and easy cable change without removing housing.
  • Can be changed to enduro setting.
Magura hydrolic clutch control

Magura Hydraulic Clutch systems

  • Carbon tubing
  • No fading
  • Self-adjusting
  • Excellent modulation
  • Less maintenance
  • Less lever pull required up to 20%
  • Up to 150 grams weight saving (depends on the model)
  • Filled with MAGURA-Blood (mineral oil)
  • Ready to install
  • Easy to mount
Magura control cables

Magura Control Cables

Absolute reliability, even when taken to the limits, unrivalled design, high-quality materials and excellent workmanship are what make MAGURA products so irresistible. MAGURA makes a cable for your application.



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