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Red Line Lubricants


Red Line Synthetic Oil

We carry the complete line of Red Line fully-synthetic oils and chemically-advanced additives for you every need. Red Line is formulated using the world’s finest base stocks.

Red Line Synthetic productsRather than cutting costs by blending in petroleum products, Red Line's motor oils and gear oils use superior polyol ester base stocks that are extreme stable at high temperatures.

These lubricants have superior film strength at lower viscosities where more power can be produced and you need protection against heat buildup.



Bel-Ray Lubricants

Bel-Ray lubricantsFor over 60 years, Bel-Ray products have proven their value setting the highest standards of quality and performance. A leader in lubrication technology, Bel-Ray is fully committed to delivering “Total Performance Lubricants.” Manufactured in the USA,Bel-Ray is a privately held, family owned business based in Farmingdale, NJ.


Bendzall Lubricants


A premium racing lubricant using only the finest degummed castor oil as its base, Blendzall's proprietary additives form chemical "hooks" that bond to metal surfaces. A special blending catalyst makes Blendzall the only racing castor to mix permanently and perfectly with gasoline and methanol. Together, these ingredients form the most effective racing lubricant on the market, providing you with consistently high performance, lap to lap.product line


Unlike most commercial oils, Blendzall burns 100% clean, actually removing power-robbing deposits that foul plugs and rings.


Blendzall maintains its viscosity from -30 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure a high film strength throughout the race.


Blendzall's unique formulation causes it to flow directly to the critical, high-temperature areas for greater cooling and prevention of metal galling. Closer clearances are possible for greater engine efficiency.


Dynamometer tests, as well as World Land Speed records and National Championships, have convinced thousands of hard-core racers that greater speed and horsepower can be achieved using Blendzall.


Kal-Gard Lubricants

Kal-gard LubricantsOne of the most famous names in motorcycling, Kal-Gard is remembered as one of the Big-Three premioum motorcycle-lubircant brands in the '80s and early '90s. Its product superiority made it a fixture in the high-end of racing and street environments. Goen for a few years, Kal-Gard is now back producing the most advanced fourmulations and products for the demanding envirnment of motorcycle racing and the rapidly growing world of off-road racing.


PJ1 Specialty LubricantsPJ1 Lubricants

Bike and motor sports enthusiasts rely on the PJ1 range of specialty lubricants for unrivaled performance on and off the track.

From Fork oils, chain lubes to paints PJ1 has what you need to keep your trials bike or you vintage motorcycle in tip-top running shape.


The PJ1 range of specialty lubricants products leads the way providing unrivaled performance for bike and motor sports enthusiasts the world over. Whether you need to cook up a race-winning performance at Daytona, or just give your machine professional grade TLC, you'll need the ingredients you can only get from PJ1.



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