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30 30 Chain LubeKal-Gard Product Line


30 30 Chain Lubes


30-30 - 13 oz. A penetrant and light lubricant that works fast, is harmless to most plastics, paints, rubber and metals. 30-30 is perfect for preventing corrosion when salt water or high humidity is a problem. It will end squeaks while loosening rust and providing protection for metal parts.







Chain KoteChain Kote


CHAIN KOTE is a specially developed lubricant for heavy duty roller chain applications. Chains have a unique requirement in that the lubricant must be very thin to penetrate the critical inner roller area, but thick enough to resist being thrown off at high speeds. CHAIN KOTE is the perfect answer. It has a thin, penetrating lubricant that carries a high concentration of Moly and a high viscosity bonding agent which bonds directly to the areas of maximum load and wear. CHAIN KOTE will not be thrown off your chain at high speeds when properly applied.





Clear Chain KoteClear Chain Kote


Just like the original CHAIN KOTE, but in a clear formula. An excellent lubricant designed especially for roller chains. The light penetrating lubricant thickens right after application, and will not be thrown off even at racing speeds. It also lubes and protects O-Rings. It will not wash off in rain, but can easily be removed with CONTACT CLEANER.





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