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Red Line Synthetic Oil

We carry the complete line of Red Line fully-synthetic oils and chemically-advanced additives for you every need. Red Line is formulated using the world’s finest base stocks.

Red Line Synthetic productsRather than cutting costs by blending in petroleum products, Red Line's motor oils and gear oils use superior polyol ester base stocks that are extreme stable at high temperatures.

These lubricants have superior film strength at lower viscosities where more power can be produced and you need protection against heat buildup.


Red Line two-stroke oil


Red Line Oil’s popular two-stroke lubricants contain base oils which have the highest film Red Line two-stroke motor oilsstrength and greatest affinity for hot metal. Because Red Line is a superior high temperature lubricant, it can be used at lower fuel to oil ratios, increasing power and providing excellent scuff protection and cleanliness. Where many two stroke oils are recommended to run at 32:1, many Red Line customers often mix their fuel at a leaner, 40:1. Red Line provides the lubricating qualities of castor oil, but provides exceptional cleanliness, with low carbon residue that dramatically reduces plug fouling and smoke. Red Line provides special protection for reformulated fuels. Dyno proven to make more power over longer periods of operating time.


Red Line four-stroke motorcycle oil


Designed for the latest-high revving four-stroke motocross and ATV engines, as well as for four-cylinder and V-Twin Sportbikes that specify a 10W30 motor oil. This is part of Red Line’s all-new Powersports line, these High Peformance Motorcycle Oils are fully-synthetic Red Line Motorcycle oilformulas specifically created for the high demands of the latest high-revving four-strokes motocross bikes and ATVs, Sportbikes, and V-Twins. Available in popular viscosities of 10W40, 20W50, and 20W60, these ester-based products contain the anti-wear chemistry demanded by mechanics and enthusiasts.

The levels of zinc and phosphorus blended into these lubricants are among the highest in the industry and combine well with Red Line’s chemistry, designed to seal piston rings for more power, fight fuel dilution, extend drain interval and provide stronger film strength over a range of temperature. This oil also features lower levels of friction modifiers for superior wet clutch operation. Excellent thermal stability, oxidation resistance, cleanliness, and ability to lubricate hot metal make Red Line High Performance Motor Oil a superior lubricant. Recommended for JASO MB, API SJ, SG, & SH.


Suspension Fluids


These products will provide very good shear stability which means that they should not degrade with use. They change very little with temperature and will provide lower Red Line Suspension Fluidsoperating temperatures for the same viscosity when compared to conventional suspension fluids. They are also very low foaming and provide good seal lubricity and antiwear properties. They can be blended together in any proportion to achieve an intermediate viscosity. The higher viscosity fluids are more suited for fork use. See our technical specifications for properties.

Many motocross tuners use it as a direct replacement in the front forks on Showa and Kayaba forks, with or without revalving.



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